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This collection of photos started on May 17th, 2006, when the U.S. Navy warship Oriskany was sunk in the Gulf of Mexico
24 miles south of Pensacola and 212 feet deep.

The Oriskany formerly serviced in the Korean war and the Vietnam war.

At approximately 10:25am explosive charges were set off.

Hundreds of veterans and onlookers watched as the Oriskany started to sink. A deep boom was heard and felt a mile away. Acrid, brown smoke obscured parts of the ship for several minutes.

The Oriskany was sinking far faster than expected. Within 30 minutes, the ship had listed hard to port, its fantail already in the water and hurricane bow pointed skyward. Then the vertical control tower submerged and the tip of the bow slipped from sight.

The 888 foot long Oriskany will become the world's largest manmade artificial reef. Here are some of the first photos of the Oriskany as it lays on the bottom of the sea.




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